Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sword and the Sorcerer Poster Art

Here are a few images from The Sword and the Sorcerer.  Long before I knew who the director was, this was a favorite film from my sword and sorcery addled youth.  With a sequel on the way in Tales of an Ancient Empire, I can't wait to pair them up for a nights viewing!

Pakistani one sheet for Sword and the Sorcerer

Turkish one sheet for Sword and the Sorcerer

US One Sheet for Sword and the Sorcerer favorite....

THE US one sheet of choice by your humble blogger...WOW!
US Poster scans from the incredible WRONG SIDE OF THE ART


  1. My fave Pyun,for sure- he just hit all the right notes- funny how the Turkish poster gives Horsley a "stache-lol

  2. AHA! The token just fell through the old machine. That's why I keep recalling the name of Pyun, but not actually connecting any dots. He directed TS&TS. I loved the hell out of that flick when I was younger. That's going right up on my pick up next list. I have to rewatch that great movie asap.

  3. Ain't that great Neil? Have you ever seen my Pakistani Yor one sheet that insert RAQUEL WELCH in place of Corinne Clery?? Yeesh!

    I rewatched Sword fairly recently and it was great fun and a wonderful bit of nostalgia.