Friday, March 12, 2010

Nemesis Sequels-The US VHS artwork!


  1. For the un-experienced adventurer who is entering into this unknown territory (i.e. the Pyun jungle) it would be appreciated if you guys would remember to mention which of the films have been granted DVD releases when you review them. Cheers.

  2. Never seen NEMESIS 2, so the trailer just blew me away!

  3. Hey there Jack,
    Can can find a ton of purchase links here:

    Also, I know you are as in to Japanese tapes as I am, try to find the longer cut of ADRENALIN: FEAR THE RUSH from Japan. Very worthwhile.

    One of the interesting things about the Pyun movies is that they remind me of Zombie Lake in an odd way...they get a lot of flack but they have been released in tons of countries. I know if I dig and dig I'll find lots of interesting releases.

    I'm almost finished watching the Nemesis sequel trilogy (they are so different from the first film I think they stand alone) and will post up about them soon.

  4. Personally the nemesis franchise offilms to me are as worth while to have around on DVD and such as much as Robocop and Terminator and the franchise also has as much merit to be a classic as robocop and terminator all of which are some of my favorite films, i dont care if they have gotten flack or are still getting flack there great movies none the less especially for them being B-Grade and not having a huge studio company like WB or Universal backing them with tons of funding and resources.