Monday, March 22, 2010

Nemesis on Laserdisc

Ah, the futuristic format that is no more...I spent years working in a video rental and then in a  Laserdisc specialty shop, and that is probably where my Pyun Addiction really started.  While LD is no more, I've held on to a number of the discs as much for the jackets as the contents!  Here we have a few Nemesis series related items!  If anyone has a scan of the jacket for Nemesis 3 from Japan I'd love to see it!

This is the US release that includes a making of segment that is very good...and also has a weird widescreen transfer that isn't fully 2:35:1 but a strange matted hybrid transfer. It looks sharp however, and I have TWO copies in my collection for some reason. Well, I know why....I love the movie.

This is the Japanese release, and I must admit that I love it...sort of minimal of course, but it just looks classy. The only English reference I've seen to it says "Directors Cut" but I can't say I've seen this transfer.  

King Records LD of part 2, a very interesting addition to the standard poster to emphasize the presence of Sue Price I guess.  I wanted this one BADLY back when it was released. The US version was announced as widescreen and canceled before release.  

Astro released some interesting DVDs early in the format, but the above was a holy grail...until I found out that it was not released.  It also would have been in PAL format which would have been incredibly difficult to deal with at the time.  Ah, but how cool would it look on your shelf?  Not as cool as it would on mine!


  1. Yeah, I'd like to get a hold of that Nemesis 2 laser just to have a cleaner version to transfer to dvd. My VHS transfer isn't the greatest.

  2. I'm with you...I'm going to test my player and put an offer out for it actually. Nemesis 3 is out there as well...

  3. Oh my god I want that Japanese release! I love the minimalist look of it. Very much a product of the time and it fits the film's style well.

    Albert's looking to re-issue Nemesis I think and I really hope he doesn't loose the original artwork, but rather re-treats it in some cool way.

    Agent Orange
    Quiet Earth

  4. Seeing that US Nemesis Laserdisc, still replete with the cellophane wrap (DZ, I guess just like me where possible with those Laserdiscs you would carefully slice through that cellophane along the open edge of the laser cover & keep it otherwise as bought) is Incredible, I too have the very same version & even being on a very outdated format will be keeping it. Lots of Great cover art on some of those more obscure laserdiscs, well worth keeping, as you say, just for the art work.

  5. You have any luck getting 2 or 3 on laser?