Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nemesis 2.0 Promo of my favorite action films of all time!  Albert Pyun left the film during post production and has plans to release his UPGRADED version of Nemesis (dubbed 2.0) in the near future.  While I was definitely concerned this would be less than successful, this promo reel changed my mind!  It looks unbelievable and I'm really hoping to hear the score by Tony Riparetti put in it's proper place as well.  If this doesn't get you excited for the rebirth of a cyber-classic, I don't know what will!
Read more from Pyun himself at his excellent blog on the subject at

NEMESIS v2.0 Teaser Promo from Albert Pyun on Vimeo.


  1. that is "excuse my language" badass i am looking forward to it for sure, make sure thoe to include the original version of the film, so that way people can watch the original if they like the original version before the 2.0 upgrade, so sweet, hope the other three films get an UPGRADE as well. and maybe jam pack them with bonus features.. if possible.

  2. Hey-ah! Cheers to all the Pyun fans from Ukraine! :D Make sure to check out my kick-ass Nemesis review in my blog: