Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amazing, another Pyun-blog from Pyunzil (that's Brazil, if you get it) ;)

Yes, Radioactive Dreams is another blog dedicated to the work, art and life of Albert Pyun. It's in Portuguese so it's a good complement to The Pyuniverse.

Behind the blog is Osvaldo Neto and Ronald Perrone, and they started with some lovely VHS-covers that they promised I could publish here too. It makes my inside warm and fuzzy to see how Pyun gets more and more recognition out there!

So enjoy and keep an eye on these Pyuniversal Soldiers directly from Brazil!


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  2. I just linked the blog up about an hour ago... I love to see all this love for Albert Pyun, worldwide! We have a Swedish writer, a British writer, an American writer and now our friends in Brazil! And to think, I was just pointing out the Machado brothers in Kickboxer 4.
    Thanks very much Ronald, I don't speak Portuguese, but I can't wait to see what you have. Anything from our blog you would like to share (images etc...) are totally welcome for you to take.

    Pyuniversal Soldiers...unite!

  3. Thanks for the words, David.
    It's an honor for us to count on you.
    Here in Brazil, Pyun is very underestimated by the public. Too bad...

    Thanks again! Your blog is excellent!

  4. Ronald: I'm so sorry, I know the language is portugese - one of my best friends here in Sweden is from Brazil, but I was concentrating so hard not writing spanish that I wrote it anyway :)

  5. Pyuniversal Soldiers united!

    Thanks, guys. Keep the great work!

  6. Keep up the great work gang.

    Let's all cross our fingers for Radioactive Dreams on widescreen DVD on day.

  7. That would be amazing...I just found out today that we have a CYBORG commentary coming soon! Lets keep it rolling with all things Albert P.